Project title:

2017: LIFE REWIND Project – Demonstration installation in winery

2022: Incorporation of lithium batteries to the existing PV system in “Viñas del Vero” winery in Barbastro (Huesca)

Location: Viñas del Vero Winery, Barbastro, Huesca

Date of realisation: 2017, January 2023

Technical details:

The project is carried out in two phases:

  • LIFE REWIND project (2017): photovoltaic renewable generation system for stand-alone self-consumption and grid connection without surplus: on-ground (10.8 kWp), photovoltaic tracker (10.8 kWp) and floating photovoltaic (21.6 kWp), to supply the electricity demand of a section of the winery and the WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant). The surplus energy from the hybrid system (stand-alone photovoltaic-diesel) with storage is used to produce hydrogen by hydrolysis of water. The hydrogen produced is dispensed to a multi-purpose work vehicle equipped with a fuel cell. This vehicle, which is equipped with four 10-litre H2 storage cylinders, is refuelled in a hydrogen generator.

  • Expansion of the existing installation by means of a second-hand lithium battery energy storage system (2022): two 46 kWh battery racks will be added, total capacity 92 kWh. Nominal battery power of 100 kW. The system is connected to the CGD of the winery’s bottling plant, where the photovoltaic system is also connected and from which the battery system will be charged and discharged.