Project title: Isolated electrical energy system for the Bosque de Matasnos winery. Peñaranda de Duero (Burgos)

Location: Peñaranda del Duero, Burgos

Date of realisation: several phases, from 2023

Technical details:

  • May 2023: 78.33 kWp off-grid photovoltaic system for hybrid pumping with inverter for the Bosque de Matasnos vineyards in Peñaranda de Duero (Burgos). 50 hp pump. Fixed concrete structure. Auxiliary system with AGM battery to provide service to the communications and lighting system in the equipment shed. Back-up diesel generator.

  • April 2024: 36.3 kWp off-grid photovoltaic system to cover the consumption of the winery located at the Bosque de Matasnos vineyards. Coplanar structure on the roof of the main building of the winery.