The calculation and management of the carbon footprint is essential in order to reduce the emissions of an activity or product

Respect for our environment, environmental regulations, corporate social responsibility, company image, customer and investor requirements… There are different reasons why it is convenient to know the origin and quantity of CO2 emissions associated with an activity or a product, that is, its carbon footprint. This is the first step to address its reduction, through the so-called climate change mitigation measures.

How we can help you

  • 1

    Definition of calculation limits (type of control, scopes, etc.) Depends on the purpose of the calculation and the type of activity/product/organisation.

  • 2

    Analysis of processes, identification of emission sources and development of the emission inventory. Requires in-depth knowledge of the processes carried out in the organisation or of the product/service.

  • 3

    Calculation of environmental impacts. For this purpose, emission factors and global warming potentials are used, based on specialised literature and professional LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) software.

  • 4

    Preparation of the report of results, including interpretation of the calculation.

  • 5

    Development of the Emission Reduction Plan for organisations and monitoring plan.

  • 6

    Support during the process of registering the carbon footprint in inventories.