To be able to deal with sustainability and energy issues and make informed decisions, it is necessary to have correct and up-to-date information

In the fields of energy and sustainability (efficiency, circular economy, renewable energies, abandoning fossil fuels…), both technology and needs are constantly changing, so that what was taken for granted until recently quickly becomes obsolete. Moreover, these are issues that are on everyone’s lips today, and we must be aware that there are disparate, and sometimes even misguided, criteria on issues relating to the present and future of energy and sustainability.

It is therefore necessary to have the appropriate and most up-to-date information to ensure that decisions affecting the development of companies, societies and the environment are taken on the basis of the best available criteria.

Training and courses given


Course aimed primarily at individuals, farmers, livestock farmers and SMEs who are interested in learning the basics of renewable energy and photovoltaic energy, and how it can help them to make their businesses or farms profitable and save on their electricity bills.

Training financed by the LEADER 23-27 programme, organised by ADECOBEL (Asociación para el Desarrollo Rural Integral de la Comarca Campo de Belchite).

Delivered on 13 and 14 May 2024

Duration: 6 hours

Language: Spanish

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Course focused on the agri-food sector, given for the Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Agrónomos de Aragón, Navarra y el País Vasco (COIAANPV).

The main objective of the course is to learn about the possibilities for reducing emissions and costs in agricultural installations and activities through the use of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Held from 15 to 18 November 2021

Duration: 15 hours

Language: Spanish

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Course focused on the wine sector. Given for suppliers of the wine product distribution company DELINAT.

The aim of the seminar is to come up with solutions on energy efficiency and renewable energies to comply with the Delinat Guidelines for organic wine growing, organic wine production and social aspects.

Delivered on 16 February 2021

Duration: 2 hours

Language: Spanish