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Industrial buildings, company buildings and business complexes, supermarkets and hypermarkets, service stations, businesses and shops, hotels, rural houses, etc. depend on electricity to develop and make their activities profitable. The aim is to be able to reduce electricity costs and also to reduce the polluting emissions associated with electricity. In this way, both economic and social and environmental benefits are achieved.

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We help industry and the tertiary sector to manage their energy efficiently and economically.

Diagnosis to improve the contract with the electricity supplier: get the cheapest energy and adapt it to sustainability requirements (Guarantee of Renewable Origin).

Evaluation of the contracted power, in order to adapt it to the existing energy supplies and not to overpay.

Reactive power compensation: If reactive power overcharges are detected in electricity bills, it is necessary to check why they occur and compensate for them by installing condensing coils.

Diagnosis for the incorporation of renewable energy: generate your own clean energy to save on electricity bills or diesel consumption and be more sustainable. Always according to the particularities of each client: available space, power required, with or without connection to the grid…

Diagnosis for the incorporation of renewable energy: generate your own clean energy to save on electricity bills or diesel consumption and be more sustainable.

In each case, it is necessary to analyse the consumption and particular needs, evaluate the renewable resource and the available space, and size the most suitable installation. Usually, the most efficient and economical option for producing renewable energy on site are photovoltaic systems, either with isolated self-consumption or connected to the electricity grid. For this purpose, the roofs of buildings, unused land or the surface of irrigation ponds can be used.

Collective self-consumption is a type of self-consumption in which several consumers are allowed to be associated to the same generation facility or facilities. This means that several consumers can enjoy the photovoltaic energy produced in an installation that does not necessarily have to be on their own roof or land.

This has economic advantages, as less investment is required per consumer, which is amortised more quickly than in individual self-consumption.

This is a particularly attractive option in business parks, since, by taking advantage of the roof of one or more companies, the rest can also benefit from the energy produced, all of them saving on their electricity bills.

To do this, it is necessary to carry out a study of the electricity contracts which are property of the companies that wish to be associated with shared self-consumption. In this way, the most appropriate photovoltaic power and the savings that can be achieved for each entity can be determined.

We advise and manage the processing of grants and subsidies for energy efficiency, renewable energies, mobility and modernisation of equipment, etc.

Development of plans to achieve the energy transition for companies and businesses. That is: implementing energy efficiency measures, substituting fossil fuels, including electric mobility, etc., with the aim of reducing emissions and achieving economic savings.

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