Our philosophy is to offer the highest quality from the idea to the completion of the project

Any human activity requires a reliable and safe energy supply. Thanks to the qualifications of our team and the technology at our disposal, at Intergia we can guarantee that this supply is also profitable and environmentally responsible.

To this end, we offer a turnkey project service, in which we accompany the client from the idea to the start-up.

To ensure success, we carry out the entire process:

  • Case-by-case study

  • Design adapted to the client’s needs

  • Selection of the most suitable technology and components according to technical and economic criteria

  • Assembly of the installations ensuring the highest quality

  • Commissioning of systems


Intergia only commissions qualified installers to assembly the project.

Our assembly force is conceived as part of the service we provide to our customers, not as a business model in itself. Therefore, our philosophy is that, in order to ensure the highest quality, we do not carry out the assembly of installations designed or sold by third parties.

Safety first

For the assembly of any type of installation, the safety of the workers, the proper handling of the equipment and the care of the installations is of paramount importance.

For this reason, we always ensure that the workers we work with are qualified and comply with health and safety regulations (use of individual PPE, lifelines, correct installation and handling of electrical protections, etc.)

The geographical scope for the execution of turnkey projects is national (mainland Spain), although we can occasionally study specific cases outside this area.

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