Project title: Grid-connected photovoltaic self-consumption with storage to service the electric vehicle fast-charging station in the Miralbueno Service Estation

Location: Miralbueno Service Station, Carretera de Logroño, 36, Zaragoza

FDate of realisation: several phases, starting in 2020

Technical details:

Phase 1: installation of a 197.17 kWp (159 kWn) grid-connected photovoltaic system with storage in second-life lithium-ion batteries, with a capacity of 138 kWh and a discharge capacity of 100 kW, to supply a 180 kW fast electric vehicle charger with two outlets.

Phase 2: battery expansion to a capacity of 368 kWh and 200 kW discharge.

Phase 3: Battery expansion up to 600 kWh capacity and 300 kW discharge.